Life is too short to drink bad wine

Life is too short to drink bad wine

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fernando favela - chateau camou

Chateau Camou

Meet Fernando Favela, owner and winemaker of Chateau Camou, a family-owned winery from Guadalupe Valley (Baja California).

Fernando was born in Durango and worked as an electrical and mechanical engineer before following his passion for wine. The family bought an old vineyard, known as “La Cañada del Trigo” in 1993. The vineyard is located in a small canyon surrounded by hills on three sides, and it has its own water source which flows down from Tecate and feeds two wells in the property.

This unique geographic location combined with Fernando’s meticulous and perfectionist viticulture approach are the force behind the success of Chateau Camou.

noel tellez bichi wines

Bichi Wines

Meet Noel Tellez, the owner and winemaker of Bichi wines, one of the first Mexican natural producers.

Téllez is known for his rule-bending approach to wine, embracing unknown grape varietals and choosing idiosyncratic labels featuring colorful—and naked—luchadores. As a result, Bichi may be Mexico’s first wine with a cult following.

Noel’s vines are head-trained and all are dry-farmed. The grapes are hand-harvested, fermented with native yeast, and aged in neutral barrels or vats so that the emphasis is 100% on the terroir expression.

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