Uncork Mexico Picks: Best Wine Bars in Mexico (CDMX, Guadalajara & Other Cities) UPDATED 2021

Our selection of the best wine bars in Mexico, covering the wine scene in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

Whether you live in these cities and want to discover new bars or you’re planning a trip within México this summer, this will be a handy guide to help you discover amazing wines anywhere you go.

Pick your city, and let the wine drinking begin!

Best Wine Bars in Mexico City

Loup Bar (Wine Bar in Colonia Roma Norte)

Loup Bar is a pioneer spot in Mexico – as the Mexican market slowly starts grasping with natural wines, the bar has a full list focused entirely in natural wines from around the world, including wines from Bichi, a Mexican winery.

The list is small, but every single option is very interesting, with most wines ranging from MXN $750 to $1500 per bottle – a great deal if compared with prices in other natural wine bars around the world.

The space is minimalistic, following the world-wide trend of chic and clean design. It’s conveniently located in the ground floor space beneath Maison Artemisia, a quirky and cool cocktail bar, making it the perfect setting for a cocktail + wine night!

If you’re not familiar with the natural wines, check out our ultimate guide to natural wines in Mexico for tons of info (what are natural wines, what are orange wines, best Mexican natural producers, etc)

Address: Tonalá 23, Roma Norte


Although not necessarily a wine bar this restaurant has an impressive wine list that is worth to go check it out. The chefs that started this restaurant in 2016, Mercedes Bernal and Rodney Cusic, both graduated from the International Culinary Centre in New York City and forged their way in the restaurant world by working at great NYC establishments so you might want to go here with a full appetite too.

They have great selections for wine by the glass and a extended list of French, Italian and Spanish wines including too the super fresh Mexican Vinaltura Sauvignon Blanc

Address: Colima 150, Roma Norte

Le Tachinomi Desu (Wine Bar in Cuauhtémoc)

tachinomi desu wine bar cuidad de mexico

Le Tachinomi Desu is not only one of the best wine bars in Mexico City, but in the world. It’s one of those bars that you can hardly believe still exist.

A small bar area with capacity for only 20 people, and serving only hand-picked Japanese whisky, sake and a selection of natural and biodynamic wines from around the world.

We were particularly impressed with their selection of French natural wines, which included awesome producers such as Domaine Chermette, Domaine Ansen & more.

Go prepared to challenge your palate with new wine flavors, as the wine list offered here is far from conventional.

Also: go prepared to stand the entire time! “Tachinomi” (literal translation “to drink standing”) is a Japanese concept for “standing bars”. In Japan, the regulars at these spots are usually office workers who stop by for a couple of drinks after work before they head home.

Address: Rio Panuco 132, Cuauhtémoc


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Best Wine Bars in Guadalajara

Shelter Gdl

Shelter is a highly unconventional place. Elegant and understated, this place could be in Soho NYC or Paris. The owners like to thing of it as an experimental space to just enjoy great food and fantastic wines. In fact, one of the partners imports German and Austrian wines and is really into Magnum bottles so he loves opening a few for his friends.

Unique food, amazing wine list including Radikon, Donhoff rieslings and strange allocated wines from low intervention winemakers like Anita and Hans Nittnaus and famous Alice Bouvot from Domaine de l’Octavin

Insider tip: their Sunday brunch is always changing but they always come up with great themes: fried food and amber wine anyone!

Address: Calle Mar Báltico 2240-103 | Entre Mar Caribe y Av.Américas

romea wine bar guadalajara

Romea (Wine Bar in Colonia Americana)

Romea was the first proper wine bar in Guadalajara. It has a down-to-earth, casual French bistro vibe, rotating wines at affordable prices and great options of cheeses and comfort food.

It’s a great place to meet people in Guadalajara, as they were very successful at attracting a young clientele, usually a big challenge for wine bars.

Insider tip: their baked camembert is incredibly. Make sure you try it!

Address: Calle Emerson 5, Colonia Americana

Rayuela (Wine Bar in Colonia Moderna)

Rayuela is one of our favorite wine bars in all of Mexico! It offers an extensive wine list (over 200 options the last time we went), tasteful decor and good live music several nights a week.

We were specially impressed by their options of Italian wines – some very interesting, native grapes from southern Italy and also great prices for classics such as Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino.

Rayuela It’s a great option for special dinners and private events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) as they have a large table in a separate area of the restaurante that allows for a more intimate atmosphere.

Insider tip: start the evening with the tartiflette (baked potato with cheese) and a glass if a dry white wine. It’s heavenly!

Address: Av. Alemania 1779, Moderna

Best Wine Bars in Querétaro

Querétaro is a major winemaking region in Mexico, home to big wineries such as Freixenet, Cava 57, Vinaltura, among others. If you’d like to try some wines from Querétaro at home, check out our options of wines from Querétaro.

Di Vino (Restaurant in Centro Querétaro)

di vino wine bar in queretaro

Located in one of the old-school “casonas” representative of the architecture of the Centro of Querérato, Di Vino offers only Italian wines – and in our opinion, it’s the best selection of Italian wines we’ve seen anywhere in Mexico.

Nicola Iorio, the owner, imports and distributes Italian wines in Mexico and spends several months of the year traveling through Italy and participating in wine events around the world to find new wines for his list.

The food is classic Italian, with high quality ingredients. When you visit, make sure you order at least one of the pizzas – they are a MUST!

Address: Andador 5 de Mayo #12

Rutavino Tasting Room (Wine Bar in Tequisquiapan)

If you want to try a lot of wines from Querétaro, but don’t have the time to visit several wineries, Rutavino Tasting Room is the way to go – they serve only wines from Querétaro and work directly with over 20 local wineries.

Check their facebook page for special tastings and events.

Address: Carretera a Ezequiel Montes 16

Best Wine Bar in San Miguel de Allende

zumo wine bar in san miguel de allende

Zumo (Restaurant in Centro)

San Miguel de Allende doesn’t have a proper wine bar (mostly restaurants) but Zumo is a great option. Located on the rooftop of the Hotel Villa Limón, they offer outdoor seating with panoramic views of the center of the city.

The food is mediterranean inspired with locally sourced ingredients. Their wine list includes options of locally sourced wines from Guanajuato wineries.

Best Wine Bar in Cabo San Lucas

the wine bar by romeo y julieta los cabos

The Wine Bar by Romeo y Julieta (Wine Bar in Centro)

The Wine Bar” is an expansion project by the team from Romeo & Julieta, the popular Italian restaurant located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Even though the wine bar is fairly new, they are able to leverage the experience from the restaurant and offer amazing service and overall experience.

Their wine list includes over 200 wines, and they offer special wine tastings and events often.

Address: Boulevard Paseo de la Marina, Camino de La Plaza

Are You Excited to Discover New Wines?

Our line-up of the best wine bars in Mexico ends here (for now), but we’ll continue updating the list as we find new hidden gems in Mexico.

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