3 red wine grapes perfect for the fall

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Fall is the perfect time to transition from drinking white and rosé wines to red wines. However, the fall flavors and weather call for wines that embody the earthy and mellow autumn vibes.

We narrowed it down for you, and show you the three red wine varieties that embody the fall spirit like no other. Keep on reading to find out why these three are the perfect grapes to drink this fall! 


red wines for the fall - sangiovese
red wines for the fall - sangiovese

A native Italian grape, Sangiovese is the grape in the famous Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino wines from Tuscany. It’s often also the star in the popular Super Tuscan wine blends. 

Savory and earthy, with medium-body and juicy red fruit on the palate, Sangiovese wines have the perfect body and mouthfeel to transition from lighter summer wines to heavier reds later in the year. 

Usually fruit-forward wines with medium acidity levels, Sangiovese wines are super versatile when it comes to pairings, pairing easily with most dishes. The versatility makes them a great option for dinner parties!

For more specific pairings, we suggest Margherita pizza with young Sangiovese wines. If you have a Reserva or more aged wine, go with more complex, Italian-inspired dishes. A fail-safe pairing suggestion for your next Sangiovese wine bottle is pappardelle al ragú

Cabernet Franc

red wines for the fall - cabernet franc

One of the world’s oldest cultivated varieties, and a star in many Bordeaux wines (yes, Bordeaux has a lot of Cab Franc going on), Cabernet Franc is an underappreciated grape that definitely doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves.

Cabernet Franc wines are medium-bodied, with mild tannins and invigorating herbal notes. The three flavor notes you most often get in a Cabernet Franc wine are red fruit, herbs, and peppery earthiness.

Cabernet Franc is planted in many different countries. If you’re just getting started with this grape, we suggest you look for wines from the Loire Valley, with denominations such as Chinon and Saumur.

Cabernet Franc is the star of this wine region, which produces some of the best examples of monovarietal Cab Franc wines.

Pinot Noir

red wines for the fall - pinot noir

Pinot Noir might be the ultimate fall wine variety! Many wine critics describe the feeling of Pinot Noir as walking through a cool forest right after it rains. What feels more like autumn vibes than that? 

Pinot Noir wines have notes very much in line with fall flavors and aromas – mushroom, cloves, raspberry, baking spices, hibiscus, and forest floor. We say skip the pumpkin latte, and go straight for a glass of Pinot! 

Pinot Noirs are light to medium-bodied, and you can even serve the lighter versions slightly chilled. 

When it comes to pairings, go with chicken, duck, or mushroom as your protein. If you have a great Pinot Noir in your hands (a French Burgundy or an excellent Willamette Oregon Pinot Noir), skip the pairing and enjoy the wine by itself. Great Pinot Noirs are delicate and complex and deserve the spotlight all to themselves. 

Are you excited to discover new red wines this fall?

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