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It’s hot out there!

Vibrant new wines that are perfect for cooling down and enjoying summer days

Cantine Copp Costebianche Chardonnay Piemonte DOC

Cantine Coppo Chardonnay


Piemonte (Italy)

What makes it special
A young, vibrant, unoaked Chardonnay. Perfectly balanced – a beautiful wine and beautiful presentation, for an incredibly low price. We might have found our summer top-seller!

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Clos Roussely Orange Sauvignon Blanc

Clos Roussely Orange

Sauvignon Blanc

Loire Valley (France)

What makes it special
It’s time you get on that orange wine train 🍊 This is the most easy-drinking orange wine we’ve ever tried, perfect for both beginners and aficionados! Notes of orange peel, stone fruits, and yummy freshness.

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Javier Sanz Verdejo Rueda

Javier Sanz Verdejo


Rueda (Spain)

What makes it special
A light-bodied white wine, this Verdejo is highly drinkable, featuring palate-cleansing dryness and high acidity. Pan-sear some fresh tilapia, uncork a bottle, and everything will be good in life!

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Pierpaolo Pecorari Malvasia

Pecorari Malvasia


Fruili (Italy)

What makes it special
Italy is just around the corner with Pierpaolo Pecorari wines! Delicate and floral, with some salty rocky notes, this will transport you to a Mediterranean Island at the very first sip.

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Weingut Schäffer Escherndorf Müller-Thurgau Alte Reben trocken

Schäffer Müller Thurgau

Müller Thurgau

Franken (Germany)

What makes it special
Don’t be afraid to try wines with weird names! Similar to Sauvignon Blanc, but with floral and mineral notes, this light-bodied, bone-dry wine has low alcohol and great acidity. A perfect patio wine!

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Pierpaolo Pecorari Ribolla Gialla

Pecorari Ribolla Gialla

Ribolla Gialla

Fruili (Italy)

What makes it special
An ancient indigenous Italian variety, Ribolla Gialla produces a dry, chewy white wine that is youthful yet slightly nutty. It has firm acidity and freshness, with a faint floral aromatic profile. Bring a bottle to your next friends’ gathering, and everyone will thank you!

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Nittnaus Manila Gruner Veltliner

Nittnaus Manila

Gruner Veltliner

Burgenland (Austria)

What makes it special
A flavor powerhouse, this is a legit “serious white wine”! This Grüner has a bit of a wild nose, with yeasty freshness mingling with fruity notes of apple and apricot. It offers a bite and a mineral, almost saline palate, with a consistently pleasant acidity flow. More complex than many red wines out there!

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Pierpaolo Pecorari Cuvee San Lorenzo white blend

Cuvée San Lorenzo

Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio

Fruili (Italy)

What makes it special
We live for unusual white wine blends, and this one was a delightful surprise! Pinot Bianco’s aromatics and texture combine seamlessly with Chardonnay’s acidity. With hints of smokiness and nuttiness, alongside fine acidity and a grippy texture, it finishes mineral and herbaceous with vegetal hints. A wine that nourishes both your palate and soul!

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New producers to fall in love with

Some producers master their craft and terroir in such a way that allows them to impart a unique and recognizable personality to their wines. These new producers in the shop are the epitome of that

giorgio pelissero

Giorgio Pelissero

Pelissero Wines (Italy)

Over the past 20 years, Giorgio Pelissero’s Barbaresco  wines have earned some of the highest honors in Piemonte. These wines are beloved by sommeliers and chefs, collectors, consumers, and critics.

Starting in his great-uncle’s vineyards as a young boy, Giorgio now resides in the winery with his parents. The family has maintained their remarkable vines since 1960, being able to grow nearly 100% of the fruit required for their wines. It’s a labor-intensive process that pays off in quality. It allows Giorgio to oversee the vines from each vintage’s start to end.

ignaz niedrist

Ignaz Niedrist

Weingut Niedrist (Italy)

Ignaz Niedrist is royalty in the realm of Italian artisanal wines. One of the most respected family producers from Northern Italy, his single vineyard wines are beloved by sommeliers and wine enthusiasts, and are often spotted on the lists of the world’s finest restaurants.

His vineyard is off the Alto Adige Wine Road, where the Mediterranean and Alpine landscapes converge. With over 2000 hours of sunlight annually and distinctive temperature fluctuations between day and night, Ignaz’s wines embody the essence of the unique alpine terroir.

humberto toscano - casa vieja

Humberto Toscano

Viñedos Casa Vieja (México)

Humberto Toscano, La Casa Vieja’s owner and winemaker, grew up in San Antonio de las Miñas in the Casa Vieja ranch.

He restored three hectares of some of the oldest vines in Guadalupe Valley (some of them  120+ years old), from which he crafts his unique wines. His winemaking style is pure and hands-on –  long macerations, aging in old barrels, and handmade labels. Notably, he keeps it natural, with no SO2 or any chemical added at any point.

philip wittmann

Philip Wittmann

Weingut Wittmann (Germany)

Philipp Wittmann is the driving force behind the success of his family’s estate, and is a former winner of the Gault Millau Winemaker of the Year award.

Philipp’s family have been winegrowers in the Rheinhessen market town of Westhofen since the mid-1600s. His father Günter put the estate on an organic footing, and it’s been a member of the organic farmers’ association Naturland since 1990.

jerome mathon

Jerome Mathon

Jerome Mathon Wines (France)

Jérôme has managed his estate in Beaujolais (Brouilly) since 1992, representing the eighth generation of the Mathon family, who have owned this winery since 1733.

He personally cares for his Gamay vineyards, with vines averaging over 50 years old (up to a century for the oldest), remaining true to his philosophy of respecting age-old traditions, minimal intervention, and harmony with nature.

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