LEGIT Wine Bars in Mexico City (Updated 2024)

We got so tired of looking for wine bars in Mexico City, just to find out that half of the places listed online were cocktail bars or restaurants with just a few wines by the glass! Not.ok.

We took upon ourselves the task of drinking our way through Mexico City to tell you from first-hand experience our favorite places to drink wine in Mexico City! Not restaurants with a limited wine list, not bars with a focus on cocktails, and a small wine list – here you’ll find only LEGIT wine bars!

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Brutal Vinata de Barrio (Wine bar in San Miguel Chapultepec)

brutal wine bar mexico city
brutal wine bar mexico city 2

In the San Miguel Chapultepec area, this is an exceptional wine bar and shop with a great selection of wines from Mexico and worldwide at great prices. During our visit in January 2024, we could order any bottle at the regular shop price, with only a $300 pesos corkage fee. Needless to say, the place was bustling!

Knowledgeable staff provided excellent wine suggestions. Food choices are limited to olives, bread, and charcuterie.

Photo credit: time out Mexico

Tannin ArtBar (Wine bar in la Juarez)

tannin artbar - wine bar mexico city

The first wine bar we’ve seen in the Juarez neighborhood, this interesting Wine Bar + Gallery space is definitely worth checking out. 

Extensive wine selection with more than 160 wines from around the world, all available by the glass or bottle. They have a Coravin so you can pick any wine to try by the glass.

Niv (Wine bar in Hipodromo-Condessa)

niv wine bar mexico city

Niv wine bar, in the Condessa, is a great option for small bites and delicious wines. They have an extensive list, but we suggest you stick to the French wine options,  it’s to die for!

A bit on the higher end with pricing, but totally worth it giving the beautiful space and quality of the food and wines. Make sure to follow NIV BAR on instagram, as they post wine special events there frequently. Their Vinos y Vinilos (vinyl and wine) nights are quite popular!

Hugo (Wine bar in Roma Norte)

hugo el wine bar in mexico city

Hugo opened in March 2021, just next door to Café Milou (the popular French restaurant owned by Isabel Castillo y Thierry Chouquet). 

It’s a natural wine bar with a food menu designed to complement the wines. The décor is super down-to-earth, simple and minimalistic (again, in line with natural wine bars aesthetic nearly everywhere in the world).

What makes Hugo special is their bold wine list. They really take risks by offering off-the-beaten-path natural wines from Germany, Austria and New Zealand that we hadn’t seen anywhere else. Fancy a German pét-nat? Done! In the mood for an orange wine from Georgia? They got that too! 

Their wines by the glass list was limited to 10 glasses but covered many styles and regions, giving options for many palates. 

image credit: Chilango.

Wine Bar by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (Juárez)

wine bar in mexico city - concours mondial de bruxelles
wine bar in mexico city - concours mondial de bruxelles 2

This place is swanky! Think a classic British pub meets contemporary style.

Their wine list concept is that they only carry wines that have won medals in the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. They have an extensive selection of wines with many (MANY) options of Mexican winesTheir imported wine list had some odd and fun labels – when we went they had just received Chinese wines, which were super fun to try (it was first time for us). 

They had 15+ options of wines by the glass, and they offer the option to buy a smaller pour at a lower price, giving guests the chance to try more wines in one visit. 

Be sure to take a walk through their beautiful wine cellar called the wine library and check out the second floor which is gorgeous.

This place is perfect for: impress friends who are visiting the city, catch up on the latest award-winning Mexican wines

Images credit: Time Out Mexico

Si Mon (Wine bar in Roma Norte)

Si Mon opened in 2018, and is one of the few pre-pandemic small wine bars still standing in Mexico City. This is another wine bar / wine store / deli concept and offers a very casual experience. 

The cheese and cold cut boards are definitely the way to go at Si Mon, and the wine list is 100% Mexican wines, for the most part, Valle de Guadalupe wines

Given that most other wine bars in Mexico City focus mostly on natural wines, this is a great option if you’re not into natural wines and would like to explore the Mexican wine scene in a casual environment.

Le Tachinomi Desu (Wine Bar in Cuauhtémoc)

tachinomi desu wine bar cuidad de mexico

Le Tachinomi Desu is just so charming and fun, we simply didn’t want to leave!

A small bar area with capacity for only 20 people, and serving only hand-picked Japanese whisky, sake and a selection of natural and biodynamic wines from around the world.

The décor is minimalistic and super simple, but it all works. We were particularly impressed by the staff – they were down-to-earth, knew very well every wine label available and gave us spot-on suggestions of wine to try. 

We’re super into French wines, and their French wines list didn’t disappoint – it included some of our favorite producers such as Domaine Chermette and Domaine Ansen.

Go prepared to stand the entire time! “Tachinomi” (literal translation “to drink standing”) is a Japanese concept for “standing bars”. In Japan, the regulars at these spots are usually office workers who stop by for a couple of drinks after work before they head home.

Local 1 (Wine bar in Roma Norte)

Local 1 is a natural wine bar with food options of tapas and cheese boards.

Décor? Guess: minimalistic, simple lines with lots of exposed concrete. I know, shocker!  

Whether it was because of the music, the accommodating waitstaff or the crowd at the time we went there, Local 1 felt less pretentious than the other wine bars we visited. It really felt like being in a friend’s terrace, who just happened to have an amazing cellar of natural wines. 

The wine list is definitely on the funky side from a first-look, and indeed all of the wines we tried had some clear volatile acidity or mousiness (if you don’t know what that is, check out our “Ultimate Guide to Natural Wines” post for more info). Our favorite part of their list was the extensive orange wines selection which included 20+ options from many countries. 

Vigneron (Wine bar in Roma Norte)

vigneron wine bar in mexico city

Vigneron opened in December 2020 and has already become super popular (it was completely full when we went). 

The décor is very Paris chic – a bit too much velvet and busy wallpaper for us, but we’re sure people who are into that style will appreciate it. 

It’s a wine bar / wine shop focusing on low-intervention French wines and some Spanish. Most of the wines we saw in their list were labels we hadn’t seen anywhere else in Mexico City. What stood out for us was their sparkling wines list – it’s definitely the most extensive Champagne wine list we’ve seen in a long time! 

Tierra de Uva (Wine bar in Roma Norte)

tierras de uva wine bar

This is a great wine shop / wine bar right in Roma Norte! This is the place to go if you’re interested in Spanish wines. They also have some wines from other countries, but their selection of Spanish wines is amazing.

Tierras de Uva also has a small selection of appetizers to complement the wines.

Loup Bar (Wine Bar in Colonia Roma Norte)

Loup Bar is a pioneer when it comes to the natural wines scene in Mexico. Even before natural wines became popular in Mexico, Loup had a full wine list focused entirely on natural wines. 

The décor is minimalistic, simple and with clean lines, very similar to what you see in most natural wine bars around the world. 

Our top picks from the list were the excellent wines from Christian Tschida, and Sebastien Riffault, and some options of Jura wines that we had not seen in other wine bars in the city. For something local, the Cava Garambullo wines were an excellent addition to the list.

Images credit: Sprudge Wine and Conde Nast Traveler

Bottega (Wine bar in Roma Norte)

Bottega is a wine bar / wine shop / deli combo that’s super charming and perfect for a casual glass of wine in the afternoon or before dinner. 

It’s not the best wine list out there, but the ambiance and chill factor made us fall in love with the place. Mostly Italian wines, but we saw a few French options too. 

Also note: It’s very small – only 4-5 seats inside. 

Are You Excited to Discover New Wines?

Our line-up of the best wine bars in Mexico City ends here (for now), but we’ll continue updating the list as we find new hidden gems.

If you’d like to try new wines from the comfort of your home, we got you covered! Buy wines online on our shop and receive your wines at your door anywhere in Mexico. Cheers!

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