Refunds and Cancelations

Refunds and cancelations

To cancel your order, please send your cancellation request to [email protected] before the order has been shipped or delivered.

Once orders have been shipped (for deliveries outside our local area) or delivered (within the Puerto Vallarta area), they are ineligible for cancellation, changes or refunds.

As wine characteristics evolve with age and are significantly influenced by environmental factors and storage conditions, we cannot provide an absolute assurance of the ‘drinkability’ for every bottle sold, given our inability to oversee its consumption. However, we guarantee that our wines have been professionally cared for and stored appropriately since their acquisition.

UNCORK MEXICO cannot assume responsibility for ‘corked’ wines or any other form of tainting at the time of production. Any such “flaws” originating from the winemaking process should be directed to the manufacturer. It is very rare wines are damaged or “corked” independently within a case.

Purchasing and consuming aged wines inherently involve risks that discerning wine enthusiasts must acknowledge. There exists a potential for flaws in any wine, whether aged, young, costly, or affordable. For those averse to such risks, prudent consideration in purchasing and consuming expensive wines is advised. We gladly offer clients photographs of their selections and engage in discussions concerning the expected performance of their purchases before finalizing a sale. Should concerns arise, we encourage proactive communication prior to purchase. Our commitment remains in maintaining transparent and candid interactions, ensuring the best experience for our clients’ investments. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you require clarification regarding our policies on guarantees and drinkability.

Our meticulous packing procedures ensure the safe delivery of your wines in optimal condition. In the rare event of receiving a shipment with damaged or broken bottles, kindly notify us promptly by emailing [email protected] within 24 hours of delivery. Include your order number and photographic evidence for efficient processing of your request.

We’ll address the issue by either dispatching a replacement bottle or refunding the damaged item.

URGENT: Refund requests for broken bottles must be submitted within 24 HOURS OF DELIVERY.

For damaged or broken bottles, refund requests can only be accommodated if reported within 24 hours of delivery. This timeframe is crucial for us to engage the shipping companies and ensure accountability for the issue.

Unfortunately, failure to notify us within the stipulated 24-hour timeframe will regrettably preclude us from providing credit or refund options.

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