Mexican Natural Wine Pack

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One bottle of each of the most prominent natural winemakers from Mexico: Octagono Vinos, Cava Garambullo, and Bichi Wines.

  • Octagono Vino Blanco
  • Cava Garambullo Azumbre
  • Bichi Wines Listán

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octagono vino blanco
1 × Octagono Vino Blanco 2020

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Bichi Wines Listan Mision Tecate Mexico
1 × Bichi Wines Listan 2019 Mision grape

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1 × Cava Garambullo Azumbre 2020

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The Winemakers

Bichi Wines

Bichi’s wines run the gamut from funky and rustic to more polished wines.

Quick example – within the Bichi wines portfolio, you can find a funky red such as Listán, produced with 100% Misión grapes from Tecate, or a more polished, absolutely smooth and aromatic wine such as Azul, a 100% Garnacha from Valle de Guadalupe.


Octágono’s wines feel honest and straightforward. In flavor and aromas, they’re a bit funky and definitely rustic, most of them with low ABV. All Octágono wines are natural, unfiltered, fermented with whole grape clusters and skin contact, and bottled without any sulfites added.

Cava Garambullo

Their portfolio of wines covers a whole range in terms of wine body and complexity, but in general, you can expect very polished wines. Branko and Natalia’s extensive winemaking knowledge shows through in all of their wines.

Garambullo wines are also very approachable – this is the producer you want to introduce to your friend who refuses to drink natural wines because “they are all funky.”

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