Lammidia Bianchetto Trebbiano 2021

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Grapes: Trebbiano d’Abruzzo

Region: Abruzzo, Italy

You’ll taste/smell: ripe apples, very fruity wine with amazingly rewarding 10% ABV! Bursting with fresh tropical fruits, citrus and peach, this one is light, juicy; it’s so easy and good, stopping at one glass is physically impossible.

Good to have it with: served chilled but not icey cold with some tapas, chips, easy food.

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Wine Details

Alcohol Grade: 10%
Aging/ Vinification: Native yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, no added sulfites
Best to have it: 6-10ºC
Size: 750 ml

The Winery: Lammidia

Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani have been friends since they were 3 years old, and although they took different paths in life they reconnected during college. Since then, they began to produce wine.

Lammidia, which in Abruzzo dialect means “the evil eye”, is born out of lifelong friends Davide and Marco’s passion for drinking natural wine. The road from drinking it to making it wasn’t an easy one, albeit filled with crazily delicious experiments, but with the first official release of 2013 Lammidia quickly became a cult name in the natural wine world, renowned for highly territorial, deeply personal and incredibly energetic wines.

The winery sits within Abruzzo’s Gran Sasso National Park, and began its life at Davide’s grandmother’s house and the surrounding vineyards, atop a ruggedly beautiful plateau at 700 m of altitude. It was also grandma Antonia that gave them their name since, when a fermentation failed to start, she performed a folk ritual to drive away “l’ammidia”, the evil eye and released the wine. Stepping beyond the hype and the beautifully funky labels these are, though eminently and infectiously drinkable, wines of powerful substance and presence, which combine almost supernaturally a funky joyousness with territorial depth. After almost a decade, Lammidia is always experimenting, releasing up to 30 cuvees every year, utilising neutral containers such as steel, cement or amphora so as to let the grapes speak for themselves, and adding no SO2 to their uniquely exciting wines.


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Winemaking style

Natural, Organic