Pelissero Nebbiolo Langhe DOC 2020

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Grape: 100% Nebbiolo

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Appellation: Langhe DOC

Wine notes : Pelissero’s Nebbiolo Langhe is a stunning wine with silky flavors and notes of cherries and red cherries. This medium-bodied red is floral, rich, and well-structured. As with all Pelissero wines, it boasts significant flavor intensity and depth. The wine highlights the darker characteristics of the Nebbiolo grape, with hints of licorice, smoke, tobacco, and cedar wood adding to its complexity.

Good to have it with: red meats, such as charcuterie or an Italian beef stew (look up a recipe for Spezzatino di Manzo if you’re feeling adventurous!)

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Wine details: Pelissero Nebbiolo Langhe DOC

Alcohol Grade: 14%
Vinification: The wine is produced with grapes that, depending on the vintage, are not suitable for making Barbaresco. Among them is fruit from younger vineyards, which is consequently considered too young for producing a great Barbaresco.
The vinification process aims to showcase and praise the characteristics of the Nebbiolo grape: macerations are not too long and are always temperature-controlled. Aging is done partly in barriques (20-30%) and the rest in 50 hl oak barrels for around 8-9 months. After blending, it rests in the bottle for 2 months before being commercialized.
Aging Capacity: 10-15 years
Best to have it: 14-18ºC
Size: 750 ml

The Producer: Giorgio Pelissero

Over the past twenty years, Giorgio Pelissero’s wines have earned some of the highest honors in Piemonte. These wines are beloved by sommeliers and chefs, as well as collectors, consumers, and critics. They strike a perfect balance, being both immediately enjoyable and capable of aging gracefully. They embody the essence of the region while also standing out with their unique character.

Giorgio is a passionate and dedicated winemaker with a deep bond to his land. He takes pride in his team’s achievements and works with humility and a strong sense of service to those around him.

Giorgio started working in his great-uncle’s vineyards as a very young boy, and the winery and attached house are now where he and his parents live. Since the 1960s, they have maintained these remarkable vines and are among the few families who have expanded by acquiring parcels of land that suit their wine-making style. As a result, Giorgio is now one of the largest landowners in Barbaresco, growing nearly 100% of the fruit required for the winery’s production.

While this doesn’t necessarily make the process easier, it significantly enhances the quality and allows Giorgio to oversee the vines from the start to the end of each year. He takes full responsibility for both the successes and challenges.

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