Pinot Nero Cabert TreVenezie 2020

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Grape: Pinot Nero

Appellation: Venezia Giulia – Delle Venezie I.G.P.

Region: Fruili Venezia Giulia Italy

You’ll taste/smell: earthy notes with delicious red berries, light, well balanced, very juicy wine with a dry finish. If you like Pinot Noirs, this is the Italian version without the price tag, great price/quality deal. Skip the supermarket wine and go straight for this one. 

Good to have it with: carne asada tacos! Of course you can also go with classic Italian dishes: pappardelle with ragu sauce, lasagna, but why not try it with something local, strong cheeses can be interesting too.

Best to have it: 64ºF, 18ºC

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The Pinot Noir or Nero grape is considered one of the noblest red grapes worldwide (the only possible comparison is with the Nebbiolo) and is another variety that belongs to the so-called “international” grapes of French origin, but widely cultivated around the world. It is a difficult grape to grow and wine to make and is a challenge for every winemaker with variable results from vintage to vintage and area to area. The Pinot Nero is a grape variety very sensitive to the terroir, for which you get a lot of different interpretations depending on where the grapes are grown. For all these reasons, the Pinot Nero is, for consumers and professionals alike, one of the most complex grapes and has created some of the greatest red wines in the world. Pinot Nero is widely used in classic method sparkling wines, from Champagne to Franciacorta, and in Italy, as a red wine is found mainly in Trentino Alto Adige with isolated winemakers in other northern regions, from Piedmont to Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The Cabert (Cantina di Bertiolo) philosophy is to mind every phase, “from pruning to wine tasting”, relying on expert technicians and oenologists to guarantee the wine obtained from perfect grapes coming exclusively from the Cabert vineyards. It is an authentic guarantee of high tradition, the image of which is confirmed in the villas, the age-old residences of the landowning families, with their strong bonds to their land. Cabert proposes to perpetuate these distinctive testimonials, continuing the success enjoyed with the esteemers of its wines.

Alcohol Grade: 12.5%

Aged in stainless steel tanks

Aging Capacity: 2 years

Size: 750 ml

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