Plata Pura Vinos Plata Merlot

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Grape: 100% Merlot

Region: Guadalupe Valley, Mexico

You’ll taste/smell: An elegant and layered nose of strawberry, raspberry, cherry cola, leather; a full-bodied wine of fresh fruit, spices and something like the breath of plants themselves found in a forest after a recent rain.

Good to have it with: Erick Plata suggest lamb chops are the way to go, barbacoa or cabrito, meats with mushroom sauce, earthy flavors.

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Wine Details

Alcohol Grade: 13%
Aging/ Vinification: 12 months oak aging.
Best to have it: 15-18ºC
Size: 750 ml
Production: 300 cases

The Winery: Vinos Plata

It is a family project that is carried out with a lot of patience and delicacy to create three wines that express the qualities of the Ensenada terroir. A young winery that has obtained recognition by specialized magazines and critics around the world.

Just as metallurgy teaches us precious objects that we have discovered over time, Vinos Plata teaches us the value of the work of a product that finds the secrets of the Guadalupe Valley and shares them with us in a few glasses of wine.


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