The Hermit Ram Field Blend Skin Fermented 2020

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Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewürztraminer

Appellation: North Canterbury, New Zealand

Region: North Canterbury, New Zealand

You’ll taste/smell: This wine is something else! Cloudy dark cherry color with a brick color rim, light body. On the nose, you’ll first notice strawberry roll-up candy with a subtle floral note. This wine is unpredictable and rustic in the best way possible. Drinkability level: I want more!

Good to have it with: the unique character of the wine will pair nicely with a wide range of cuisines and by itself. Try it with baked mac n’cheese, pastrami sandwiches, grilled portobellos, pasta

Best to have it: 53-57ºF, 10-12ºC

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Wine Details

A true field blend, with the fruit all picked at the same moment, from an old organic vineyard in Waipara (North Canterbury), a stunning area just north of Christchurch.

It is the color of a cloudy rose, and reveals inviting gentle berry flavors and a pleasing mid-palate crunch.

Alcohol Grade: 12.5%
Aging/ Vinification: The fruit was picked on the proportions it grows in the vineyard.  It was destemmed and naturally fermented on skins for 6 weeks.  Pressed off in to some ancient barrels and allowed to go through a natural malolactic ferment.  This wine was bottled with no fining, filtration or Sulphur.
Best to have it: 12-16ºC
Size: 750ml
Aging potential: 5-10 years

The Winery: The Hermit Ram

In 2012 Theo Coles discovered the Limestone Hills vineyard in Canterbury in the north of New Zealand’s South Island.  Owned by Gareth Renowdon, Theo agreed to make some wine with him from his 1000 or so Pinot Noir vines.  Limestone Hills vineyard is naturally farmed, and the first vintage (2012) was that way too — no additions and matured in old oak.

Since then Theo has expanded the range to include the skin fermented Sauvignon Blanc and Müller-Thurgau, a field blend rosé and another Pinot Noir.  The fruit comes from tiny vineyards throughout the Canterbury region, all naturally farmed without chemicals and Theo is keen to stress that every wine has its own story to tell.  We agree and would add that this is some of the most exciting wine to come out of New Zealand for a long time; a turning point for authentic, artisan winemakers in a country so often associated with mass-produced wine.  These are wines with personality, depth, complexity and most importantly, drinkability.


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Biodynamic, Natural, Organic


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