Silvana Pijoan Pelon Grenache Merlot Syrah 2021

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Grape: Grenache, Syrah, Merlot and a little bit of Moscato Giallo

Region: Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, Mexico

You’ll taste/smell: natural wine with nothing added. The first aromas are spicy, cardamom, pepper, turmeric and cinnamon. Then leads you to a fireplace with chestnuts and walnuts and a cup of dark chocolate. The palate is bright acidity and fruit such as plum and black cherry, which gives away the Grenache and Merlot. It continues to open on the glass and by the time you are mid-bottle, the wine leads to new aromas.

Good to have it with: bacon and porcetta dishes will pair nicely, pancakes with maple and bacon, too change it up a bit.

Best to have it: 60-64ºF, 16-18ºC

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Vinos Pijoan is the result of a dream, of a passion, of a total change of course in a little-expected moment. Since 2002, the family winery has been characterized by its quality and by being a pioneer in the emerging and dynamic Mexican wine scene.

Natural wine from our Pijoan vineyard. Small vineyard of Syrah, Merlot, Grenache and a little Moscato Giallo, cared for with minimal intervention, behaves and vermiculture, seeking a balance in its micro ecosystem in which we seek the proliferation of native and wild plants. Pelón wine is made with spontaneous fermentation, without additives or dressings. Bottled unfiltered and unstabilized.

Alcohol Grade: 12.7%

Aging 4 months in neutral oak barrel. Nothing added.

Aging Capacity: 3-4 years

Size: 750 ml

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