Finca la Estramancia Rosado 2020

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Grape: Tempranillo and Syrah

Region: Tuxcueca, Jalisco Mexico

You’ll taste/smell: a rosé from Jalisco! one of a kind; this is a wonderful dry and refreshing rosé. Aromas of strawberry, peach and watermelon. On the palate, pleasant flavors of tarty strawberries, light-bodied and dry with great balanced acidity.

Good to have it with: pair it with seafood or just drink it by itself

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Wine Details:

Alcohol Grade: 12%
Vinification: A selection of grapes is made manually in the vineyard, the clusters are destemmed and go through a maceration process prior to the fermentation process with gentle pressing. Afterwards, controlled fermentation is carried out with selected yeasts at no more than 26° C. Once the first fermentation is finished, the “Coupage” or finished wine mixture is prepared and clarification, stabilization and filtration are carried out prior to the bottling process. .
Size: 750 ml
Best to have it: 6-10ºC

The Winery: Finca la Estramancia

Finca La Estramancia was born from the dream of Gerardo Torres, who after appreciating the art of vine cultivation in the Rhine River area in Germany, decides to transform his property into a vineyard, located on the slopes of the Sleeping Woman hill in Ribera South of Chapala, thus contributing to create a wine zone in the region.

Coincidentally, he meets Mr. Serapio in San Luis Soyatlán, Jalisco, who had begun to experiment with grape cultivation in the area.

Upon retiring from his law career, Mr. Torres started in 2011 with his first hundred Tempranillo plants. To date, he cultivates 7,000 plants, mainly Malbec, Tempranillo and Syrah, in the farm that he installed at the foot of the lake and named Finca La Estramancia.

During 2015, he sought modernization to transform the crops into a vineyard that would produce quality wines. A Queretaro winemaker and close friend of the owner, he was the contact with the engineer Trinidad Jiménez, current agronomist at Finca la Estramancia, who manages several vineyards in Mexico.

In 2017, the vinification of the first grapes from Finca La Estramancia began. Engineer Lluís Raventós Llopart, director of Freixenet de México, is the oenologist in charge of the process.



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