A. Margaine Le Brut Champagne

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Grape: 90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir

Appellation: Champagne AOC

Region: Montagne de Reims, Champagne, France

You’ll taste/smell: fruity nose on apple with floral notes. The palate is chalky and creamy, the bubbles are fine with a nice acidity on the palate. This is THE House’s signature cuvée!

Good to have it with: ideal as an aperitif or with a fish-based starter. This Cuvée Brut will do wonders with a shrimp mousseline with pistachios.

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Wine details:

Elevage: Stainless steel
En Tirage Aging: 24+ months
Dosage: 8g/l
Alcohol Grade: 12%
Size: 750 ml
Assemblage:40% 2017, 26% 2016, 8% 2014, 26% 2012 & 2011

Winery details: A. Margaine

4 generations have followed one another and have built the history of the House. Since 1910, everyone has been involved in building Champagne A. Margaine. A know-how has been passed on, but it is above all the passion of each other that is the common thread in the evolution of the House. The 5th generation is already on the path to knowledge and learning and will bring its added value when the time comes …

Villers-Marmery has the singularity of having a grape variety mainly composed of Chardonnay (98%). An islet of Chardonnay in the Montagne de Reims, where Pinot usually dominates … Its South / South East exposure as well as its generously deep soil make this terroir an exception which allows Chardonnay to express itself differently.

The Winery has abandoned the use of herbicides on 90% of our vineyard. Tillage and grassing have made a comeback. An adapted protection of the vineyard, not to say reasoned, is applied. The use of synthetic plant protection products are sometimes essential, but the basis of our protection remains copper and sulfur.

Under the banner “Artisan du Champagne”, human value is predominant and it is the one that unites the group. On this base, there is also a passion for the land and the way in which each one interprets it. The desire also to share our experiences on all of our activity.

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