Duoma Orange Pet-Nat Sparkling “Espíritu Libre Salvaje” 2022

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Grape: 100% Grenache Blanc

Region: Guadalupe Valley and Ojos Negros, Baja California, Mexico

You’ll taste/smell: Enjoy the beach vibes with this vibrant and zesty wine! Zesty notes, with citrus aromas such as orange peel, lemon zest, or grapefruit. These vibrant aromas contribute to the refreshing character of the wine. Herbal, dry finish with notes ranging from fresh herbs like thyme or sage

Good to have it with: by itself as an aperitif, or with potato chips. Keep it simple and have fun with it.

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Wine details: Duoma Pet-Nat Sparkling

Vinification/ Aging: spontaneous fermentation in pied de cuve with native yeasts, without sulfites, without stabilizing or filtering.
Best to have it: 5-8ºC
Alcohol Grade: 11%
750 ml

A sparkling wine made using the pet-nat or the ancestral method. Short for pétillant naturel, pet-nat is fizzy, easy drinking and has taken the wine world by storm in the past handful of years. Generally speaking, pet-nat wines are more lightly frothy than fully effervescent. The wines can often appear cloudy, and might smell unusually “funky.” They can also easily be identified as many are bottled under a crown cap (like beer), rather than cork.

Winery details: Duoma Vinos

DUOMA was born in 2011 in the minds of Carla Figueroa Torres and Eliecer Rodríguez Arroyo while studying enology and viticulture. As they entered the world of wine, it became clear what kind of wines they wanted to create: honest wines that reflected the soil and climate of Baja California. They aimed to create wines without alterations or modifications and, above all, wines that were treated as food.

In 2016, after gaining previous experience in winemaking, they decided that hand shelling would bring great quality to their wines. That year marked their first harvest.

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Natural, Organic