Zanotto Col Fondo Bianco

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Grape: 100% Glera (Prosecco grape)

Appellation: Veneto

Region: Veneto, Italy

You’ll taste/smell: a Prosecco made the old way by fermenting in the bottle in the ancestral Pet Nat method. Creamy a bit cloudy from lees yellow apple & minerals and completely dry. No sulfites added!” The aroma recalls toasted bread crust with delicate notes of apple and citrus. On the palate, the wine is dry, complex and pleasant with its typical notes of yeast and fruit. Lightly salty and very mineral on the finish. Can be served clear by leaving the lees deposited or slightly opaque, with a slight shake of the bottle for a more rustic, decisive flavor.

Good to have it with: freshly baked bread with butter, cheesy popcorn, lighter dishes and a great charcuterie cheese board will go nicely

Best to have it: 43-47ºF, 8-10ºC

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Riccardo Zanotto has his idea of Prosecco and although he is not allowed to add the DOC Prosecco certification, his “col fondo” wines are exactly the reflection of the territory and the history of Prosecco of this peculiar area of northern Italy.
“Col fondo” means with the lees or sediments that the second fermentation in the bottle naturally decants. It is the method by which Prosecco was made before the Charmat method in 1912. We are talking about an artisan wine that does not know any technology, but rather adding the same must from the vintage to start the second fermentation in the bottle. All Zanotto wines use this process and they really are the best when it comes to sparkling.
Alcohol Grade: 11%
Aging Capacity: 2 years
Size: 750 ml


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