Prosecco di Vialdobbiadene Il Follo Brut DOCG

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Grape:  100% Prosecco (Glera)

Appellation: Valdobbiadene DOCG

Region: Veneto, Italy (Pro tip: best Proseccos come from this region)

You’ll taste/smell: Citrus scents coming from this crisp and refined prosecco, nice fizzy bubbles. Whether you are celebrating or just felt like bubbles this is a great option to drink in any occasion.

Good to have it with: this Prosecco says fried chicken and waffles, anything brunch!

Best to have it: 43-46 ºF, 6-8ºC

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Fine and persistent pearls with a soft foam. Light straw-colored with emerald reflections. The aromatic spectrum highlights cleanliness and refinement. Nose emerges from green apple and citrus scents. The palate is fresh, persistent and delicate. Ideal as an aperitif is suitable for all occasions.

Made with the Charmat method or tank method. The Charmat Method is a much less expensive and less time-consuming method of sparkling wine production. And while it is mostly associated with the production of higher volume sparkling wines, this does not mean that it is for producing inferior or lower quality wines. In fact, it is a much better process for making sparkling wines from aromatic grape varieties, such as Prosecco or Asti, where you want to preserve the freshness and intensity of the grapes’ aromas, rather than cover them up with autolytic complexity.

Alcohol Grade: 11.5%

Aged 3 months on lees and 3 months in bottle.

Size: 750 ml

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