Trento DOC Levii Extra Brut Classico Spumante 2018

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Grape: 100% Chardonnay

Appellation: Trento DOC

Region: Piedi delle Dolomiti di Brenta, Italy

You’ll taste/smell: this sparkling wine spends 36 months on its lees compared to 18 months standard time for a champagne! Time plays a major role for a sparkling wine’s evolution. The perlage is fine and abundant like a delicate mousse; the nose is floral with tropical fruit and citrus, grapefruit and tangerines, but the cool thing is the mineral trail that drives you to the high altitude of the Dolomites. On palate, the entry is fresh and balanced; seductive and youthful with persistence and great sapidity.

Good to have it with: super versatile! oysters, roasted chicken, pastas or even desserts like lemon curd tart.

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Wine Details

Alcohol Grade: 12.5%
Aging/ Vinification: The harvest is purely manual with selection of the bunches in the field. In the cellar the grapes are pressed whole through a soft and slow pressing. The must is divided by separating the free-run must from the so-called “pressed” ones. Fermentation lasts about 12/13 days. At the end of fermentation, racking is carried out to separate the fine lees from the coarser ones. From here the base wine remains in stainless steel tanks aging on its fine lees until the following May. In this period, Batonnage is carried out to suspend the fine lees and facilitate the extraction of mannoproteins and improve viscosity and body. This is essential to obtain a fine and persistent perlage in the future.

The free-run must of the best grapes and plots is destined for the production of our reserves.

In May of the year following harvest we prepare for the tirage. The base wine is clarified, sterile filtered and cold stabilized. The cuvées are formed and then brown sugar and selected yeasts are added. The refermentation in the bottle begins, typical of the classic method, which will last for about two months.

The bottles are placed in crates for about a year, after which they are stacked following a resuspension of the yeasts. Our sparkling wines undergo very long refinements. It starts from 30 months for the base line and 60 or more for the reserves. Both refermentation and refinement are carried out in an environment at a constant temperature of 12 degrees centigrade. Refinement is a fundamental phase to obtain a quality classic method in which the time is the main weapon. During refinement, the lysis of yeast cells takes place. The cells then begin to release all compounds absorbed during fermentation enriched and refined.

At the end of the aging period on the lees, the bottles are slowly turned upside down through a slow remuage and prepared for disgorgement. To this end, a liqueur d’expedition is created for each of our products. Our distinctive feature is the use of liqueur that respect the base wine, letting the vintage and terroir emerge.

The bottle rests for another 2-3 months before release.

Best to have it: 5-8ºC
Production: 48,000 bt.
Size: 750 ml

The Winery: Levii

LEVII directly cultivates 15 hectares of vineyards at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites on the territories of Stenico and Bleggio in the Giudicarie.

The vineyards lie at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites between 650 and 700 meters and are characterized by high slopes with a southern exposure. This results in optimal solar radiation and high daily temperature ranges that assures the attainment of high quality base grapes. It is possible to reach full ripeness by safeguarding the acidity component and the incorporation of aromatic compounds. Components that characterize our Trento Doc.

The varieties grown are the principal grapes for the production of the classic method, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The training system is Simple Guyot with a hectare density of 7,000 vines. The productions are very low, around 70-80 q / hectare.



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