Zanotto Col Fondo Nude Sparkling Rosé

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Grape: Pinot Noir and Glera

Region: Veneto, Italy

You’ll taste/smell: the color, the aromas, the label – you’ll fall in love with this wine before you even take the first sip! Fresh berries and orchard fruit notes, with medium acidity and a dry bitter finish. It’s a cloudy wine with some sediments left in the bottle, on purpose, by the producer.  Enjoy it clear by leaving the yeasts in the bottom, or overturn the bottle to move the yeasts around for more texture and intensity of aromas.

Good to have it with: by itself, or with light salads

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Wine Details: Zanotto Col Fondo Rosso

Alcohol Grade: 11%
Size: 750 ml

Vinification: “Col fondo” means with the lees or sediments that the second fermentation in the bottle naturally decants. It is the method by which Prosecco was made before the Charmat method in 1912. We are talking about an artisan wine that does not know any technology, but rather adding the same must from the vintage to start the second fermentation in the bottle. All Zanotto wines use this process and they really are the best when it comes to sparkling.

Winemaker details: Ricardo Zanotto

Riccardo Zanotto has his idea of Prosecco and although he is not allowed to add the DOC Prosecco certification, his “col fondo” wines are exactly the reflection of the territory and the history of Prosecco of this peculiar area of northern Italy.

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Winemaking style

Biodynamic, Natural, Organic