JC Bravo Palomino 2020

MXN $425

Grape: 100% Palomino (temporal vineyard no irrigation)

Region: El Porvenir Baja California, Mexico (Guadalupe Valley)

You’ll taste/smell: delicate and clean with grapefruit and tangerine notes; citrusy and refreshing, aromatic on nose, it is similar to a Sauvignon Blanc but with a nice balanced acidity. This is a white wine perfect for those summer months

Good to have it with: It’s refreshing flavors will pair nicely with cold seafood, shrimp salad, ceviches, aguachiles or poke bowls.

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Wine Details

Alcohol Grade: 13.4%
Vinification: harvest by hand, fermented in stainless steel vats.
Size: 750 ml
Best to have it:  6-10ºC.

The Winery: JC Bravo

In 1944, grandfather Bravo bought the land in El Porvenir countryside. Later he considered growing the grape for making wine. He brought the Carignan and Palomino grape from Spain. The idea was to grow and sell these grapes to winemakers. After grandfather died, JC’s father took over the production and when JC was old enough he began to learn the language of the vine. At that time Carignan was a very popular grape for this region as it grew easily and was highly productive. The Palomino, a light-yellow grape, was not as temperamental as the chardonnay for the white wine. As time went on the market changed with the influx of more wineries and new varietals competing with the traditional. The wine producers now wanted something different, leaving the Bravo family with a vineyard of undesired grapes. JC knew he needed to do something. He was unwilling to rip out the well-established vines and start all over, so in 1999 he signed up at the local wine school to learn how to make wine. Both Carignan and the Palomino vineyards now have 45 years in productivity. This is what is called a “temporal vineyard” which, because of the deeply rooted vines, relies exclusively on the amount of rain each year. There is no sacrifice of quality in order to produce more. The whole Bravo family carries on the tradition from the harvest to the bottling. In 2001, JC Bravo released his first wine, a 100% Carignan, a varietal originated in the Rhone Valley of France.


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