The Mediator Sauvignon Blanc Urlar Gladstone NZ 2021

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Grape: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Gladstone, Wairarapa, New Zealand

You’ll taste/smell: Bright, light lemon notes, it is aromatic, fresh and mouth filling, with peach, lime, passionfruit and subtle green pepper; crisp, dry and electric

Good to have it with: chicken fajitas, nachos, a youthful no frills wine goes well with easy food.

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Wine Details

Alcohol Grade: 13.5%
Best to have it: 6-10ºC
Size: 750ml

zero residual sugar.

The Winery: Urlar Wines

Urlar (pron. er-lar):

A Scottish Gaelic word that means the earth.

Family owned vineyard proudly specialising in handcrafted wines.

Using the biodynamic farming and gardening calendar, the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars are recognized and worked where possible. This commitment has been recognised and rewarded recently when we won the Hills Harvest and Gallagher Innovation Awards.

The result is beautiful, clean, true wines that have not impacted negatively on the soil as they have been crafted.

Their 31-hectare single vineyard is located on ancient free-draining soils and our inter-row crop rotation maintains healthy soils full of life and biodiversity. The seven year crop rotation maintains healthy soils and vines. Every seven years, one row in seven will be planted in a variety of plants and wild flowers. These flowers, such as buckwheat, lupins, stinging nettles, dandelions and yarrow provide crucial protection to the vineyard as they attract beneficial insects that will kill off unwanted pests and predators that can destroy the vines, leaves or roots.



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Winemaking style

Biodynamic, Organic