La Casa Vieja Palomino 2022

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Grape: 100% Palomino (old vines from dry-farmed vineyards)

Region: San Antonio de las Minas, Baja California, Mexico

Wine Notes: The Palomino grape is primarily known for its role in producing sherry. One of the most fascinating aspects of Palomino grapes is their unique susceptibility to oxidative winemaking techniques. Oxidation occurs when the wine is exposed to air during the winemaking process, leading to chemical reactions that change the wine’s flavor, color, and aroma profile resulting in distinct nutty, saline, and complex flavors. Humberto Toscano explores this idea every vintage creating a  beautiful example of what an amber wine is and its evolving nature.

Good to have it with: aged cheeses is the way to go.

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Wine Details

Vinification/ Aging: Harvest usually starts in mid September. It’s destemmed by hand, massaging bunches over a zaranda. The grapes are then crushed by foot and transferred to plastic drums and one 450 liter concrete egg for a two week maceration and fermentation. Everything is racked and nothing is filtered or fined. The entire bottling process, down to labeling, is done by hand. No sulphur is added at any time.
Alcohol Grade: 13.5%
Best to have it: 10-14ºC chilled, but not too chilled.
Size: 750 ml

The Producer: La Casa Vieja (Humberto Toscano)

Humberto Toscano grew up in San Antonio de las Miñas on a ranch older than time itself. After a stint in the US, he craved the peaceful life back at the ranch with its ancient vines, untouched by chemicals. Restoring three hectares of vineyards, he creates the most unique wines, all from the ranch’s own fruits. His winemaking style is pure and hands-on – think long macerations, aged in old barrels, and handmade labels. Notably, he keeps it natural – no added SO2 at any point. With old-school Misión and Palomino vines (some might even be 120+ years old), Humberto recently added new Misión and Garnacha vines to the mix.


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