Life is too short to drink bad wine

Life is too short to drink bad wine

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tierra de peña winery

Tierra de Peña

Meet Luis Fernando Aburto from Tierra de Peña, a winery from Querétaro (México).

Luis is one of the few Mexican producers working with permaculture. The farming is done 100% organically and biodynamically, without chemical intervention or the use of pesticides. Many of Tierra de Peña’s wines are zero-zero (no sulfites added at all).

Despite his fun and bubbly personality, his wines are balanced and reflective, focused on aromatics. They are nuanced and powerful.

foradori winery

Azienda Agricola Foradori

Meet Emilio, Theo and Myrtha and Elisabetta, from Foradori, a winery from Trentino (Italy).

Elisabetta (on the right), took over the family state in 1984 when she was only 20 years old. Since then, she has transformed the winery, pushing towards sustainable and biodynamic farming.

Foradori’s wines are contemplative – they demand your full attention and should be enjoyed on their own, during the course of a few hours. They are, simply put, a work of art.

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