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Does Mexico have good wine?

Mexican wines are relatively new in the international market, so it’s normal to ask that question. The answer is: YES! There are hundreds of wineries, and Mexican wines have won hundreds of medals in international awards competing with producers from other major regions.

Just like in any other wine-producing country, you’ll find hits and misses. We work directly with family-owned wineries to offer you a very curated list of unique and delicious Mexican wines. Click below to pick yours or contact us to request personalized suggestions.

What is Natural Wine?

Some terms also used to refer to natural wines are “low intervention wines,” “minimal intervention wines,” “raw wines,” “living wines” or “naked wines.”

Here’s what it means: the grapes are farmed organically and the wine is made (or rather transformed) without adding or removing anything in the cellar. No additives or processing aids are used, and ‘intervention’ in the naturally occurring fermentation process is kept to a minimum. As such neither fining nor (tight) filtration is used.

Sounds easy? Then you’ll be surprised to learn that only about 1% of the wines in the world are produced naturally.

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