Octagono Vino Naranja 2021

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Grape: Semillón and Muscat blend

Region: Vergel de la Sierra, Guanajuato Mexico

You’ll taste/smell: light-body, cloudy, with medium acidity. Tropical notes of guava and pineapple, and bruised apples. The aftertaste has a slight kombucha / fermentation note. The wine is alive, so the flavor will evolve and change as you drink through the bottle. 

Good to have it with: great by itself as aperitif, or you can pair it with grilled shrimp or octopus or a caesar salad

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Wine Details

Alcohol Grade: 11%
Aging/ Vinification: fermentation with native wild yeast and skin contact, 7-9 months ageing in buried clay vessels
Size: 750 ml

The Winery: Octagono Vino Ancestral

Their goal is to let the grape express itself with no human interpretation. Octagono uses four basic processes executed with zero technological intervention – pressed by foot, inviting wild fermentation with no industrial yeast or sugars added, macerated in buried clay vessels and hand pressed with rustic utensils.

The wines are fermented for up to 9 months in buried clay pots molded by local San Felipe and Dolores Hidalgo artisans. The process of sourcing these vessels brought about the revival of ancestral methods of making pottery – a tradition almost lost in time in a compromise for a quicker way of making pottery that satisfies mass demand. They have tried to recreate the classic Georgian kvevri form, and ended up with a hybrid that has a particular Mexican imprint.

Natural winemaking gradually picks up in Mexico more winemakers turn to local artisans to source their amphoras, instead of turning to foreign experts, thereby boosting local economies and breathing new life into this millenarian art form.

Octagono is rebellious by nature, they make a point to conquer the fear and defy comfort zones. The work with grape growers to mirror quality by insisting to grow their grapes naturally, sometimes choosing unpopular varieties that Marcelo Castro enjoys working with – like Rosa del Peru. Octagono will keep experimenting even more now to keep on innovating and pushing boundaries.


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Winemaking style

Biodynamic, Natural, Organic







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